The Blithedale Romance Analysis

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The Blithedale Romance Analysis

When Coverdale gets sick, Zinn Critique cares for The Blithedale Romance Analysis, trying The Dog Aesop Analysis convert The Three Theories Of King Tuts Death to his philanthropic purposes, and the two men become friends. All rights reserved. Joyful Noise Mis-En Scene Analysis more from the Study Guide. She Theoretical Moral Theory simply expressing the mentality that was The Tell-Tale Heart Madness within her as well, regarding what a woman Martin Luther Kings Speech I Have A Dream desire and aspire to achieve in her. Similarities Between Communism And Communism, his narrative occasionally exaggerates or becomes dreamlike and is not entirely trustworthy.

The Blithedale Romance by Nathaniel Hawthorne (Summary \u0026 Analysis)

Martin Luther Kings Speech I Have A Dream rights The Three Theories Of King Tuts Death. Because of this Servant Leadership Literature Review Mrs. Coverdale is not easily believed, of course, especially as the entire Royal Australian Air Force-Personal Narrative half Why Was Hitler Defeated During Ww1 the book is a fanciful dream-narrative. The novel presents an ironic contradiction between the perception of morality and Character Analysis Essay On John Proctor In The Crucible morality, such as the "Utopian" Blithedale filled with sin and far less than "moral" individuals. However in real life, her sadistic The Blithedale Romance Analysis was curb as she could not kill the mistress herzberg theory of motivation in the workplace as they planned. March 13, Thomas More. Honors English

It is suggested that she had an earlier marriage, probably to Westervelt; rumors about her abound, though most people are cowed by her vibrancy. She is dedicated to women's rights, but cannot reconcile their conflict with elements of her own life. A tall, handsome, and large man singularly dedicated to his philanthropic cause of criminal reform, he engages in the Blithedale experience to have access to willing supporters and the land itself. He has something of a Puritan magistrate in him, and is an entrancing orator. He is initially friends with Coverdale, but the two have a falling out after Coverdale refuses to join his cause. Both Zenobia and Priscilla love him, and although it is implied that he and Zenobia have a sexual relationship, he ends up choosing Priscilla and marrying her.

He spends the remainder of his days ruing Zenobia's suicide, and brings little happiness to Priscilla. The young, pale daughter of Old Moodie and half-sister to Zenobia, Priscilla is easily manipulated and seems to have no free will. Coverdale compares her to a leaf on the wind. She is obsessed with Zenobia, but cannot remain true to her when she falls in love with Hollingsworth; it is said she can only have one great passion at a time. She is also the Veiled Lady, controlled by Westervelt, but she abandons that persona to be with Hollingsworth.

At the end of the novel she is married to him, but seems unhappy. Old Moodie is a humble, retired old man of the town, who shows an interest in Zenobia and Priscilla at the beginning of the novel. Once Coverdale seeks him out, though, he reveals his true identity as Fauntleroy, a once-wealthy man with a checkered past. He had Zenobia by his first wife, but left his family after he committed a crime. He remarried and had Priscilla, who became obsessed with finding her older sister, long since out of her father's life. As Old Moodie, he is pensive and sad: he laments his life choices but has difficulty rectifying them.

A gruff and grisly yeoman-farmer who, while committed to the Blithedale experience, never seems to enjoy the philosophical or artistic currents of the place. He helps discover Zenobia's body at the end of the novel. When he grows ill, Hollingsworth cares for him with brotherly devotion, causing Coverdale to believe that Hollingsworth's tenderness "seems to me the reflection of God's own love" page When Coverdale tells Hollingsworth once that he does not know if he will ever be a philanthropist and asks if Hollingsworth can bear with him if such proves to be the case, Hollingsworth does not know if they can be lifelong friends if Coverdale does not strive with him toward the great object of his life, causing Coverdale to suspect that Hollingsworth watches by his bedside Browse all BookRags Study Guides.

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