Senior Home Care Essay

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Senior Home Care Essay

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Deciding on senior home care for parents

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Foster care is when a child has been removed, through no fault of his or her own, from their home and family due to concerns for their safety. The child may have been abandoned, abused or neglected and is in need of a temporary home placement. Whenever possible, they live with relatives or…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. For instance, if one of your patients passes away, you need to have emotional stability to be able to cope and move on with your day. My preceptor contacted the social worker to speak with the mother. When the mother returned the social worker visited her at the bedside to provide any assistance that she needed.

This case outlined how the nursing responsibilities can surround more than just the patient. In some situations interventions are performed with the parents as the…. A nurse assistant can only become a CNA when registration is finished. According to payscale. A good CNA must be adaptable to change, able to do more than one tasks at a time, and also be able to keep calm under pressure. A CNA must also record any changes in their patients condition, keep a record of what and when they have eaten, as well as, keep a record of their vital…. Essays Essays FlashCards.

Browse Essays. Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Show More. Related Documents Long Term Care Model Administration staff is put into place to foresee finances and any other issues that may have to do with living in the facility for the elderly. Read More. Words: - Pages: 4. Taality Home Health Case Study Nursing Nurses are committed to provide quality, efficient care in the home setting for patients who are unable to safely transfer for care. This is highly notable in the developed countries where the population of the elderly in number is rapidly reaching higher levels. Hence proponents always argue that nursing homes as signs of the health care are always better living places than their families.

Again as the elderly population increases, most of us are either faced with the challenge of moving either the young population or the elder family members within our families into a nursing home or back at our homes closer to the home serenity and environment. This is a decision that may tend to arise all of a sudden or relatively gradually as needs arise in regard other types of housing in deed. It is clear that the decision to move can be stressful and tiresome largely because of misconceptions about the different facilities to be used in regard to advocating the health care for the elderly population in the community. Hence it is always good for individuals to always learn all they can about health care in nursing homes and health at the homes in order to make decision that are fit for them and their families.

A nursing home is said to be the highest level of health care for the older population mostly living in the outside the hospital. The nursing homes are always said to provide custodial care, this basically includes the getting out and in of the bed, providing significant help in relation to, dressing, bathing and feeding. It should be noted clearly again those nursing homes differ a lot from other housing facilities that provide health care in that they dully provide a much more higher level of health care. Thus one always finds a licensed health expert supervising patients care individually while the nurse or any other medical professional is always on the nursing homes premises.

This means that skilled nursing is always available all clock down that is 24 hours a day. This hence allows the advocacy of the right delivery of medical procedures and appropriate drug therapy for the elderly population in the community as it is required in the process of health care management for them. Nursing home is depicted to have many negative connotations for many people yet they provide a very significant component of other different senior housing options. Thus nursing homes are also known as the skilled nursing facilities, convalescent health care homes and long-term health care facilities that provide adequate health care to the elderly population in full. It should be noted clearly that the nursing homes are always licensed by the state and must be certified in order to carry out their services in length.

It should again be noted clearly that nursing home patients always generally rely largely on the assistance offered with most or all activities of the elderly population in regard to their daily living, dressing, bathing, toileting and activities such as meals supervision being largely given to them. Hence these kinds of services prompt for more skilled professionals in the medical arena which include medical experts and professional nurses for the purposes of providing more qualified medical assistance to the more or most critically ill patients who may be seen as having one step below the main hospital care management. Thus these kinds of services then requires the hire of skilled personnel in these nursing homes making it expensive for most of them as the salaries of these personnel is quite high in relation to the services they offer.

Again the government is then much more obligated to build more extensive nursing homes for the elderly especially in the developed countries in order to fully commit itself self in the improvement state programs related to health. They do this to cater for the rapidly growing numbers of the elderly population for instance in Japan where the number is growing significantly every day. This then again calls for more funds to be allocated to that sector making the whole process expensive as the same will be extended to the patients receiving care in these health care institutions. Nursing homes having been known to offer a lot services that range from being assisted with personnel care, social activities, medical care, meals and housekeeping, involves a lot of procedures that most of them in their state may not dully be able to see through or afford.

Issues such as their payments being overseen by private pay, long-term health care insurance policies , private health insurance policies and any other type that may be recommended by the nursing health care institutions may absolutely pose a challenge too many in terms of expenses and availability of such kind of payments facilities.

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