Social Model Of Mental Health

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Social Model Of Mental Health

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VCE HHD - Guiding principles of the social model of health

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This is because the biopsychosocial model uses a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors to explain health. Dealing with mental health issues can be tricky because there is not a one size fits all treatment plan. The fear of a deadly virus mixed with isolation has taken a toll on a lot of people. You take those new fears and add them to an already anxious or depressed person who can no longer relieve stress doing things they love like working out and you have tons of new cases of depression all with a multitude of underlying causes.

That is exactly the reason why the biopsychosocial model is most effective when dealing with mental issues like depression. For example, people with depression can highly benefit from a biopsychosocial approach because it views health in a more holistic way than the traditional biomedical model. The biopsychosocial model would look at three main factors when assesing depression. They would look at the biological factors such as a chemical imbalance, or genetics as one causing factor of depression.

They would also look at the psychological factors such as the way a person copes when stressed. Lastly, this model would look at the social influences like the type of people you interact with on a daily basis. Social influences include things like health promotion, prevention, and health literacy. According to Coutts et al. There is also health literacy which can include developing a healthy relationship with ones care provider that would allow for the discussing of mental health issues such as depression.

Seeking out close friends and family in times of need and opening up your social circle can also help alleviate the stresses that can cause depression. Coutts, L. These processes include, but are not limited to, cognitive processes. The model proposes that biological and social factors, together with a person's individual experiences, lead to mental disorder through their conjoint effects on those psychological processes. Implications for research, interventions, and policy are discussed. Abstract A coherent conceptualization of the role of psychological factors is of great importance in understanding mental disorder.

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