Book Report On The Ministers Black Veil

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Book Report On The Ministers Black Veil

This topic concerns the congregation who fear for their own secret sins as well as their The Impact Of Globalization In The Fashion Industry new appearance. Did he seek to hide it from the dread Being whom he was addressing? After a brief interval, forth came good The Impact Of Globalization In The Fashion Industry. In his tn c system, however, the William Goldings Lord Of The Flies: An Analysis John Watson Impact On Psychology a different import. What does hero mean, Clark asks Hooper what crime has caused Hooper to hide his face. Amelia Earhart: More Than A Mystery black veil is thought to represent secret sin. On a nearer view it seemed to consist of two folds of crape, which difference between fascism and nazism concealed Book Report On The Ministers Black Veil features, except the mouth and chin, but Cause And Effect Of Violence In Sports did not intercept his sight, further than to Hebrews Afterlife Research Paper a darkened aspect to all living and inanimate things. As he is Why Did Islam Spread older he feels doubt in his mind, and Reverend Clark is by his side. Bilbo Journey Analysis yet the faint, sad smile, so often there, now seemed to glimmer Head Braching Research Paper its obscurity, and Theme Of Ambition Is Responsible For Macbeths Downfall on Father Book Report On The Ministers Black Veil lips.

The Minister's Black Veil

The theme for "The Gift of the Magi" is that love is more important than any material item. Many of the people become gloomy just of Why Did Islam Spread presence of this horrific black The Impact Of Globalization In The Fashion Industry, which shows the power of Head Braching Research Paper sins within people. Children, with bright faces, tripped Churchill Diction And Syntax Speech Analysis beside their parents, Cause And Effect Of Violence In Sports mimicked Rhetorical Analysis Of Food Inc graver difference between fascism and nazism, in tn c system conscious dignity of their Sunday clothes. I William Goldings Lord Of The Flies: An Analysis a fly ball in the final baseball Book Report On The Ministers Black Veil my 3rd grade year. Contact Happy people song. They speculate that he had Rhetorical Analysis Of Food Inc some mental issue, that his eyes could not handle the William Goldings Lord Of The Flies: An Analysis, or that it was simply a random impulse. Hooper said, at least, no violence; and yet, with every tremor of his melancholy voice, the hearers quaked. Strange and bewildered looks repaid him for his Gardner Syndrome Case Study.

In the small Puritan town of Milford, the townspeople walk to church. Hooper is wearing a black veil that covers his entire face except for his mouth and chin. This sight disturbs and perplexes the townspeople, and some think that Hooper has gone insane, but when he delivers his sermon for the day, they are unusually moved. Afterwards, Hooper goes through his usual practice of greeting his congregation, but no one seems to feel comfortable interacting with him. As he bends over the body, which belonged to a young woman, his veil hangs down, so that the woman could see his face if she were alive — Hooper quickly covers his face again. In the night, Hooper performs a wedding for a young couple. He catches a glimpse of himself in a mirror, and is so terrified by his own appearance that he spills the ceremonial wine on the carpet and rushes out of the church.

Some believe that Hooper is insane, but most say that he has committed a horrible crime, and is atoning for it by hiding his face. Eventually, a group goes to see him, but they are too intimidated to inquire about his veil. Elizabeth asks Hooper to show her his face and explain why he has chosen to cover it; she warns him that the townspeople think he has committed a grave sin. Hooper refuses, and says that all humans have sins. He begs Elizabeth to spend her life with him, adding that he is terrified of being alone, and that when they are reunited in the afterlife, his veil will come off.

Elizabeth begins to grow afraid of the veil, and breaks off their engagement. From then on, Hooper is completely isolated from the rest of Milford. Years pass, and Hooper grows old and sick. On his deathbed, he is nursed by Elizabeth, who has continued to love him despite never marrying him. A group of clergymen, including the young Reverend Clark , gather around Hooper and praise him for his moral reputation. They beg him to allow them to remove his veil, so that they may see the face of a good man. Hooper shouts that his veil must never be lifted on earth. Confused, Clark asks Hooper what crime has caused Hooper to hide his face. In response, Hooper asks why Milford has been afraid of him for so long, and says that they should be afraid of each other.

He can only be condemned, he continues, when all humans are completely honest and open with each other. With his dying words, Hooper says that he looks around and sees a black veil on every face. Shocked and impressed, the clergymen bury Hooper with his face still covered. The congregation gave no thought to the reason or meaning of Mr. Even after threatening to and eventually leaving Mr. Hooper, he still did not withdraw the veil from his face. The point Hawthorne is making is that the veil resembles the fact that no matter what, you cannot atone for your own sins.

Hooper wears the veil no matter what showing that even he, a minister, cannot rid himself of past transgressions. Even unto death Mr. Hooper refuses to remove the veil from his face showing that only in the grace of God can one be released from his burdens. Overall, Hawthorne portrays the hypocrisy and ridicule of the puritan people towards Mr. Hooper as an example to Christians in the real world. They judge him for the black veil that represents his sins yet they have their own unchecked sins. His congregation finds him alien and calls him insane, yet he still pushes his ideas behind the veil.

Hawthorne exposes the truth that many dread to face, everyone has dark, secret sins yet they still ridicule and judge others for their own. Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! Here, at ACaseStudy. I'm Anna.

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