O Brother Where Art Thou And Odysseus Comparison

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O Brother Where Art Thou And Odysseus Comparison

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How does O Brother Where Art Thou compared to the Odyssey?

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O Brother, Where Art Thou? Set in rural Mississippi during the Great Depression, the film 's story is a modern satire loosely based on Homer 's epic poem, Odyssey. The famous Coen brothers who produced, edited, and directed the movie decided to base the plot of the movie compared to the story the Odyssey. Although the movies main character, Ulysses Everett McGill…. Today Although many influential pieces of world literature were made long ago, modern works still echo the great aspects that defined them. In the film, the protagonist, Ulysses Everett McGill, resembles the qualities of the epic hero, Odysseus. Both characters encounter obstacles and enemies that are almost the same in every aspect.

The stories begin in media res with the same opening…. The Odyssey and O Brother where art thou? The Odyssey utilizes male protagonists to make a commentary traditional values of focalizing a member of the aristocracy position whilst Oh Brother questions the political climate of the Great Depression. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Despite his immense intellect, Ulysses falls short on occasion. After escaping the cave, the men made their way back to the ship. Feeling emboldened by his wonderful scheme, Ulysses began to taunt the giant. After Odysseus stabbed Polythemus in the eye, the cyclopes yelled, "'Nohbdy, Nohbdy's tricked me, Nohbdy's ruined me! Odysseus was clever not to give the cyclopes his real name because, he knew if he did the other cyclopes would recognize him and try to go after him.

Instead he stated that his name was Nohbdy. For example, he defeats a gigantic, angry, human-eating cyclops without its neighboring brothers noticing. He did this thanks to his great strength, leadership skills, and cunning. He tricks the cyclops into becoming drunk and while he sleeps, he blinds him. Power razes all of its enemies to the ground, and its enemies are ignorant of its presence. Power negatively affects others by turning someone with power on their allies, making the owner paranoid, and diminishing common sense.

In Antigone, King Creon turned on his own niece in order to preserve his self-serving law. Power turns the holder onto their allies. Creon created fear in the hearts of his own sentries who selflessly worked hours keeping him safe. Creon has disrupted the feeling of trust by misplacing fear in the hearts of the sentry because he wanted his edict to be all-powerful. After his success in killing off the Trojans by hiding inside an immense wooden horse and attacking when the Trojans least expected it.

After that event, Odysseus started to lose his substantial leader skills. Overall, Odysseus demonstrates characteristics of an inadequate leader in the duration of his journey. Upon arriving at the island of the Cyclopians, Odysseus decides to enter the cave where Polyphemus resides. The companions are similar in their loyalty to the hero and the shared lust of both parties to return their native land. Telemachus releases his pent-up testosterone to take care of a problem that he should have dealt with a while ago, the suitors.

Many of the advantages are that we can now successfully avoid illness and diseases because we can take out the gene that engenders it. Frankenstein is an example of a disadvantage of using genetic engineering. Victor creates the monster in order to destroy the meaning of death but the actions he takes after creating the monster leads to many more deaths than expected. Both are leaders, on an odyssey home to be reunited with their family, and reclaim their old lives.

Despite their character resemblance, I believe Odysseus was the outstanding leader of the two. Odysseus managed the Cyclops predicament exceedingly better than Everett. When stuck with Polyphemus, Odysseus went to work promptly, crafting an escape from the Cyclops. They cut the fiery cross down, and it happened to fall on Big Dan. Odysseus showed, contradictory to Everett, that he is a well deserving leader.

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